Okii Niksokoaks, Niistu Niitanikoo KyiyiiKukutoosi Nomo''-tootoo Oma''-Koyis

Welcome to Bear Star Photography. My Blackfeet name is Bear Star and my english name is Dylan DesRosier. I consider myself very fortunate to have grown up in the small town of East Glacier Park on the Blackfeet Reservation, here in Montana. A major part of who I am emerges out of my connection to Siksikaittupiiksu''koom, our territory and the landscape my people call home. The Miistukkiists ( ~ mountains), Umyaanisstsiipiiksiiks (~animals), and piiyoomaa''aka (~travels afar) inspired me to capture impressions of my surroundings and share them. These places have grounded me, educated me, and inspired me to explore. I love to share my work and all images are for sale in custom sizes, on metal or canvas, and I'm also open to licensing my photos for other uses. Feel free to message me for any details or questions!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dylan DesRosier                                                             -  bearstarphotography@gmail.com  -

***A special thanks to my double cousin Nicholas Miisinskii and mentor Robert Hall for all of their guidance and wisdom over the years

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